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Insights & Data

Enabling financial service providers and policy-makers to use insights to inform new thinking to improve financial inclusion
Catalysing evidence-based innovation in the financial sector

The Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) is committed to innovation of the financial sector, which sits at the heart of Tanzania’s economic development.
Partnering with researchers, policy-makers and financial industry players, we employ a market development lens to appropriately utilise rigorous research findings and insights to support better understanding of the market and to inspire innovation through input, collaboration and discussion with all stakeholders, particularly industry experts and end users.


Download PDF The State of the Financial Sector-Supply

At the core of any market is demand and supply of services and products. To enhance the quality of transactions between the two sides, most markets are


Data about the demand for and supply of financial services in the agricultural sector


FinScope is a nationally representative survey that provides an overview of the financial behaviour of Tanzanian adults in terms of how they generate income and how they manage their money.

Micro-insurance Diagnostic Study

Analysis of the insurance sector in Tanzania

FinCap Survey

National financial capability baseline in Tanzania

MSME Baseline Survey

First nationally representative survey for micro, small and medium enterprises in Tanzania

Latest news

Look Before You Link: The Value for Banks in Working with Savings Groups
3rd November 2017
Across Africa, millions of people use and trust savings groups and other informal savings mechanisms (ISMs). They provide financial services that formal financial services providers (FSPs) often can’t. Savings at the Frontier (SatF) is a multi-year partnership between Mastercard Foundation and Oxford Policy Management to help FSPs find ways to link with ISMs, benefitting both […]
Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) driving the financial inclusion agenda through digital innovation
14th August 2017
Digital financial services have had a remarkable impact on financial inclusion in Tanzania. Since its inception in 2008, mobile money usage has grown to 17m active users, enabling millions of previously unbanked Tanzanians to have convenient, affordable access to payment services.
Bill Gates in Dar es Salaam this week to support financial inclusion and the future of digital financial services in Tanzania
14th August 2017
This week, Bill Gates was in Dar es Salaam to support Tanzania’s financial inclusion agenda, among other BMGF projects. Joining leaders from government, financial service providers, mobile network operators and digital financial service providers, he took part in roundtable discussions to explore the potential contribution of digital financial services in improving livelihoods and enterprise productivity across the country.


The future of FinDisrupt
FinScope Tanzania 2017
The Journey of FinScope
FinScope Tanzania
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